Custom Plugins Are the Way to Go

Use a Custom Plugins to Enhance Your Website Without Compromise

Thousands of WordPress plugins exist. You often find yourself inventing wierd combinations to implement a small feature. This harms your website as it becomes bloated and difficult to manage. More importanly, it affects negatively user experience and SEO performance.

A much better approach is to reduce the number of plugins to a strict minimum and opt for a custom plugin that goes straight to the point in implementing the feature you need.

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Written for the Future

How Low-Quality Plugins Destroy Websites

What is worse for a website than to stop functioning on Black Friday after a minor server upgrade? Sadly, this happens a lot and the main reason is often an obsolete or poorly written plugin.

A badly written plugin puts you at very high risk. Here is why:

  • ⛔ Missing support for some PHP versions supported by WordPress
  • ⛔ Security flaws that serve as backdoors for hackers
  • ⛔ Outdated PHP/JavaScript libraries which open for more defects

This is the strategy I use to produce high-quality custom plugins

  • ✅ Respecting the WordPress Coding Standards
  • ✅ Verifying code using advanced tools like PHPCS.
  • ✅ An unrivaled 2-years guarantee. I will fix any bug for free during this period.

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Time and Cost-effective

Spend Time & Money Effectively

The cost of a custom plugin can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the features and work involved. One thing for sure, it will always be less that the cost for buying, setting up and continuously updating a group of plugins. Let’s not waste eachother’s time (pun intended).

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