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Code on this post has been made into a plugin, the plugin is more complete and handles a wider range of locales.

Are you having problems to get the Disqus Comment System WordPress plugin to work with your site language (Arabic, French…). Here is the code you are looking for:

// Disqus language
add_filter( 'disqus_language_filter', 'cb_disqus_language_filter' );
function cb_disqus_language_filter() {
	return get_locale();

Drop this code in your theme functions.php file, in your custom plugin, or better yet: download and upload then install this plugin.

8 thoughts on “WordPress: Disqus Language

Hi, It seems to recoqnize the language right, but it doesn’t display the disqus in the language it detects. Am I doing something wrong?

Despite the code put into the functions.php file
Disqus remains in English even though I would like in French.
no solution ?
Thank you

Hi Nabil, unfortunately do not translates to Swedish.
Are you friendly and check what is wrong, please!
Disqus Comment System Version 2.85
Disqus English Version 0.4

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