Upwork Interview with Jessey

Issue 1

How would you handle the situation with the customer – what would you tell them once you got the support email from them?
What information would you look at to troubleshoot the issue?
What steps would you take to troubleshoot this issue?
What would you do if you cannot solve this issue?

I will first acknowledge that we received the customer message so he’s not left in the dark:

Hello John,

Thank you for contacting ACME support.

We’ve received your message and we are working on a solution. I will let you know about our progress.

Your patience is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Nabil Kadimi
Happiness Engineer

This is what I will do about the error:

  1. I will try to replicate the error and if I can’t, I will ask the customer to send me the steps to reproduce it.
  2. I will use the “Copy Error” button and probably the browser console to have an idea where the error came from. I should know which block or maybe which plugin caused the error by looking into the error message(s).
  3. I may do a search on Google using the error message(s) and read possible solutions on the WordPress forums or on Stack Overflow (or even Github). From my experience, those have the best solutions. I may dig dipper in search results or even ask a question myself on the forums or on Stack Overflow.
  4. I will also check if the website is healthy, i.e I will verify if everything is up-to-date, if PHP is updated and if there is any error in the website error logs.
  5. If I can’t fix the error, I will clone the website to my computer for more in-depth troubleshooting (eg. enabling WP_DEBUG, deactivating plugins to find the one that causes the issue, etc). If I still can’t figure out the error myself, I will certainly seek help from other developers on the team.

Issue 2

We use loom.com or screen recorders to explain to our users many things to help us save time going back and forth. This time around, a user says they ‘published’ a ‘terms of service’ page inside of WordPress. But they email our support and say “I published a page, but it doesn’t show up on my site”. In a loom.com video please explain to your user (or to me) how you would teach them to add a page to the menu bar or as a link (using html) on their site. Keep in mind, our site owners have no idea what even HTML is.

I’m afraid I can’t use Loom for now, I’m on Linux where Loom is not yet available, I recorded a video and uploaded in on Youtube (link: https://youtu.be/j15ltaAQ1mc)

PS. After creating the video, I noticed that I used ‘privacy policy’ instead of ‘terms of service’. Sorry about that.

Issue 3

  • a) Are you flexible with your hours?
    Yes, I am. US timezones overlap nicely with my working hours and I don’t mind working outside my schedule if necessary.
  • b) We will need to schedule some regular tasks like manually updating all our managed customers site’s plugins or themes. Is there any issues with regular tasks?
  • c) our team has a weekly meeting sunday evenings at 8:30pm pacific time (los angeles) can you join us for that meeting as we have a weekly sync
    If it’s 8:30pm, I may steal 10 minutes for some personal stuff I have to do, but that’s only until the end of October.
  • d) a lot of time to save on time we communicate via a zoom chat between members or loom.com videos – are you find recording your voice and explaining on videos
    I like videos, they make explaining much easier.