JavaScript round float to n decimal points

The best you can do with built in JavaScript functions is to round a number to the nearest integer using the method Math.round(x), so to round a float to n decimal points we need to come up with our own function.

The function round_float() rounds a floating point number x to n decimals, if you ommit the parameter n, the function will have the same behaviour as the round() method, here is the round_float function definition:

function round_float(x,n){
  	var n=0;
  	return false;
  return Math.round(x*Math.pow(10,n))/Math.pow(10,n);

With prototyping

Dmitry suggested a better approach using prototyping:

if (!Number.toFixed) {
    return Math.round(this*Math.pow(10, n)) / Math.pow(10, n);
// example:
floating_number = 123.45687;
decimal_points = 2;

3 thoughts on “JavaScript round float to n decimal points

It would be better to use prototyping here. Newer browsers support toFixed() function. Older don’t.
So here’s the way to do it:

if (!Number.toFixed) {
Number.prototype.toFixed=function(x) {
   var temp=this;
   return temp;




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