Remove Fields [WP Plugin]

The WordPress plugin Remove Fields main purpose is to help you get more comments to your blog by removing the website field from the comment form, and trust me,  it works, the reason is that a lot of people think that the website field is mandatory, when they see it they will refrain from posting a comment.

What does it do

The most important: It removes the website field from the comment form, which is totally useless in many situations (cooking blog, news website or any other type of websites)

Bonus: The plugin will also get rid of some totally useless fields: AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber / Google Talk and the Bio section.

After installing the plugin in a client website, the results were amazing, more comments, more interaction with your audience.

Try the plugin now

Install the plugin, rate it and fill free to ask for any feauture you think is missing (like an configuration page).






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