Error writing the value’s new contents (Windows Registry Editor)

I got this error when trying to change some configuration settings for my anti-virus (TrendMicro WFBS on Windows Server 2003)

'Cannot edit LocalServerPort:
Error writing the value's new contents'

As usual, when something I don’t like happens on my computer or on other parts of my life, I ask my friend Google about it, the suggested solutions were :

  • Open the Registry Editor using the command “Regedt32.exe”
  • Set or review permissions (Edit->Permissions…)

Of course none of these worked for me, all I had to do is to close the anti-virus program, or to be more specific unload server/client security agent (lol).

I’m not much on Windows, so I can’t explain that behavior, if you know something about it, please share it on the comments section, I will be very pleased to add it here on this very same post.

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