Generate passwords with JavaScript

The function generatePassword() is a simple yet customizable function that generates a random password string, the default password length is 6, you can override it by calling the function like thisĀ  generatePassword(n) where n is the password length. The possible characters are defined within the function with the variable chars

How to style input fields with CSS?

There are situations where you need to style input fields depending on there types. Doing this is wrong: input{ border:solid 1px red; } As you see in the image, the CSS rule has been applied to all input fields

What is the best free PhotoShop alternative?

The GIMP is the oldest and surely the best free open source image manipulation program, there are many forums that support it an you can find tutorials very easily. The Gimp is available on UNIX, Windows and Mac OS and can be downloaded for free at

What is email tracking?

E-mail tracking is used by individuals, e-mail marketers, spammers and phishers, to verify that e-mails are actually read by recipients, that email addresses are valid, and that the content of e-mails has made it past spam filters.

On my WordPress theme, How can I find which page is being requested by the visitor?

So you want to know if the visitor is viewing the homepage, a category or a page? WordPress have easy functions for that: is_home() : returns true if the visitor is viewing your blog homepage is_category() : returns true if viewing a category archive is_category(‘3’) : returns true if viewing the archive of the category… Continue reading On my WordPress theme, How can I find which page is being requested by the visitor?