Firefox crashes: How to detect bogus extensions

Today, whenever I used the built in Firefox search function and as soon as I typed the first letter of my phrase, Firefox suddenly crashed and displayed the well known Mozilla Crash Reporter window (image below).

Mozilla Crash Reporter

Sending a crash report to complain about my issue won’t help me (specially), and won’t help Mozilla people too much, unless they know more about my system (OS, FF version, installed extensions, latest visited websites), so I’d better try to solve this issue by myself.

1st try

I restarted Firefox, it still crashes when i type the first letter of my search string…

2nd try

I rebooted my computer… I wasted 2 minutes for nothing.

3rd try

I scanned my computer using Avira Antivir Personal, nothing found as usual.

4th try, what I should have done from the beginning

I started firefox in safe mode and disabled all installed extensions (more than 15).
By the way, the command for starting Firefox in safe mode is:

firefox -safe-mode

Guess what, it worked now, I can use the search function again, but all my extensions are disabled, I enabled them 3 or 4 at a time, restarted Firefox, and tested the search function at each time until I spotted the bogus extensions which was nothing but YSlow 2.0.5.

So what?

Now I can send a descent report to Mozilla and be helpful, I will have to wait until YSlow is updated again or I will install the extension Google Speed which is very similar and even better than YSlow IMO.






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