Add or Remove a word from Firefox dictionary

Lappy, touchpad, plugin, WordPress, vlog… and many other words are not (yet) recognized by Firefox, each time you use any of them Firefox will underline them in red, it would be better not to be bothered by these lines every time you write a “common” word which is not listed in the dictionary.

Add a Word to Firefox dictionary:

Right click on the word and click “Add to Dictionary” or press “o”.

Remove a Word from Firefox dictionary:

Firefox profile directory

It happens sometimes -specially when using a lappy touchpad, that you add by mistake  misspelled word to your Firefox personal dictionary, this how to remove them:

  1. Locate the file persdict.dat (this manipulation is OS independent):
    • At the top of a Firefox window, on the menu bar, click Help> Troubleshooting Information, if the menu bar is hidden press the alt key once to reveal it.
    • A new page will open, click on the button that says Open Containing Folder, this opens the Profile Directory, the button is located under Application Basics
    • Find the file persdict.dat
  2. Close Firefox, otherwise your changes in step 3 will be lost
  3. Open the file persdict.dat on a text editor, you will see that each word you added to the dictionary  constitutes a line in persdict.dat, remove unwanted lines and save… that’s it

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