PHP with IMAP on CentOS

I was playing with Drupal 6 and some UberCart ticket module when I came across an error message where Drupal told me that it needed the IMAP PHP extension to be installed.

Because I’m a nice guy I will share this command with you:

[me@it ~]# yum install php-imap

Now it’s installed, proof:

[me@it ~]# php --ri imap


IMAP c-Client Version => 2004
SSL Support => enabled
Kerberos Support => enabled
[me@it ~]#

If it wasn’t installed it would have shown you:

[me@it ~]# php --ri imap
Extension 'imap' not present.

But of course it isn’t working… yet, untill you restart the Apache server daemon

[me@it ~]# service httpd restart

And because I’m a nice guy I will tell you where I found the first command before even you ask:

The PHP manual is always a good place to start, oh… and don’t underestimate comments.

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