How to easily import multiple vCards into Google Contacts

Google Contacts (the old version) allows you to import VCards, but you will have to import them one by one, this is clearly not very practical if you have more than 3 contacts that you want to import (you lazy!). Fear nothing, there is an easy workaround, you’ll merge your vCards before importing them, here’s how you… Continue reading How to easily import multiple vCards into Google Contacts

PHP: empty() is your friend

It’s easy to miss things that are very obvious, this is the proper way to check that a variable has a value that is not nothing (null, 0, FALSE, “false”, array(), etc) without getting PHP E_NOTICE messages (that I encourage you to show when developing): // Check that $var is set and is not empty:… Continue reading PHP: empty() is your friend

What is MVC?

The MVC design pattern separates business logic from user interface Model–View–Controller is a design pattern or a software engineering concept that separates the model, the view and the controller from each others, thus dividing the labour in your application in such a way that: The model is the brain, the knowledge, or simply data and… Continue reading What is MVC?

PHP code to remove breadcrumbs in a Drupal page

Sometimes you want to hide the breadcrumbs in a single page an keep it in the others, either using a module or inside a node. You can remove the breadcrumb from a Drupal page with this line of code: This is how I do it: drupal_set_breadcrumb(array());